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Long Term Car Rental & Car Subscription Gold Coast

Purchasing a brand new car is a major commitment, but is it one you really need? With a long-term car rental, Gold Coast residents don’t have to worry about the burden of a major investment.

At Luxicar, we believe your vehicle should be your ticket to freedom, not something that holds you back. With a commitment to grant you flexibility, you can drive the perfect make and model for your needs without the long-term restriction of paying off a loan or outgrowing it over time.

With Luxicar, you can access long-term car rental Surfers Paradise residents like you are already enjoying. Drive away and leave hefty investments in the dirt with:

Purchasing that sporty two-door model might seem like a good idea when you are young, but what happens when you have children?

Conversely, what happens if you become a parent? Do you want to be locked into owning a soccer mum car forever?

Luxicar provides luxury car subscription Gold Coast drivers can enjoy, without the scary commitment or long-term investment. Get the flexibility you deserve to drive your way, every day, all in a vehicle that suits you and the phase of life you’re in.

Trade up to a 4WD or SUV when life changes without the need to deal with car financing and trying to sell your old car. If you want that sports model for a weekend by the beach, you can have it. The flexibility and freedom are yours.

Hire Long Term car from our selection of luxury vehicles

Check out our range of luxury vehicles, and subscribe today!

5 seat
3Litre V6 Twin Turbo Petrol

Ford Ranger Raptor

From $799 / week

5 seat

BMW X5 40D

From $890 / week

5 seat
2.8L 4 cylinder diesel Ute 4X4

Toyota Hilux SR5

From $499 / week

5 seat
Engine 2.8L 4 cylinder diesel Ute 4X4

Toyota Hilux Rogue

From $575 / week

3.0L V6 Diesel 4X4

Ford Next-Gen Ranger Wildtrak V6

From $599 / week

3.0L V6 Diesel 4X4

Ford Next-Gen Ranger XLT V6

From $499 / week

Why choose Luxicar for Car Subscription in Gold Coast?

Enjoy luxury, responsibility free. Subscribe to your car of choice with no deposits or contracts. Select a new ride every month, or have the opportunity to buy at any time at great rate.

No Overheads
No responsibility. All the fun. Avoid the costs of insurance, maintenance and depreciation while enjoying your luxury vehicle.
Set Fees
No hidden fees. We even have a plan that includes unlimited KMs!

The Benefits Of Car Subscription Gold Coast

If you are looking for a long-term car hire Gold Coast trusts from one end of the sandy shores to the other, our luxury car subscription provides all of the benefits you need, plus access to a wide range of industry-leading makes and models. Enjoy plenty of perks, like:

No lock-in contracts: When you get a loan from a bank or financial lender, you are locked into years of repayments, interest rates and fees – with heavy penalties for missing any instalments. With Luxicar, you only pay your flat subscription fee every month, and you can cancel at any time.

Freedom of choice: Drive a car to suit your mood and occasion. Want to sport a Mercedes-Benz to that big corporate function? No problem – choose a vehicle that suits your needs and style. Enjoy the versatility of driving the car to suit any road trip or event, guaranteed to impress anyone in your social circles.

Subscription models suit the modern lifestyle: Do you know where you will be in life in the next two years? Life changes rapidly. A long-term car lease Gold Coast solution with Luxicar means you can adapt to these changes without complicated refinancing or having to navigate the used car market.

For more information on our car subscription and long-term car rentals, Gold Coast, contact Luxicar today.

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What customers are saying

Yaoliang GuYaoliang Gu
06:22 05 Oct 22
I have subscribed Luxicar and used for 8 months when I was in Brisbane, it’s a good idea along with really kind people and team, thank you Clark. It’s a good lifestyle for car using. Highly recommend Luxicar to my friends, also I will come back again.
Mark DownieMark Downie
00:49 01 Apr 22
I have had a vehicle subscription with luxicar for well over a year now. And I can happily share that I can not flaw this business and its customer service!! From the moment I contacted them when I first applied, to this very day its been a smooth and easy experience. I have had 3 cars through them now the first 2 being a brand new range rover sport then a luxurious range rover vogue. I currently have a new Mercedes GLE 400D. The cars I have been able to choose from whenever I want have been truly luxury cars!! Now I'm waiting on my dream car which isn't far away. The best bit is I can experience all these top notch vehicles just like I own them. Only without the stress of having a bank loan the same amount as a small house ! Haha.I gotta say thanks to luxicar and the team for delivering an outstanding experience that has been so hassle free and enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about subscribing 🙂
07:13 05 Jan 22
Tried this place out after seeing Khawaja's bat sticker. Had a great experience, thank you khawaja!
Benjamin FBenjamin F
13:42 19 Aug 21
HIGHLY RECOMMEND, can't recommend enough to my Family & close friends, let alone general public! Simple smooth transaction, super professional and impressive personalised service to cater and suite each client. I've dealt with many hire-car entities before, but Luxicar is a Subscription and the way they execute and deliver the quality of car and efficiency of service is second-to-none. Thank you Clark and team, our young family are grateful!
Car Detail EmpireCar Detail Empire
12:19 18 Nov 20
Thank you to the team for looking after our business with your great luxury car subscription in Brisbane. Very easy and looking forward to getting a new car every 6 months.
Branavan S NBranavan S N
11:24 15 Oct 20
Leased my first car through them, the process was really easy, I have a peace of mind now that I have a brand new car with no maintenance required, set monthly fee and suitable for my business. Happy that there is now a Luxury version of Car Subscription. Thanks guys!